Are your social media skills current? Do you need information about the latest trends in the digital media landscape?

New skills are needed in the digital transformation era as society and technology are constantly evolving.  We are a trusted training partner with experience building digital talent within a broad variety of organisations.

Our training is always tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. We have developed social media training programs for management teams, sales organisations and groups of professionals in B2B businesses.

The following are some of the training programs we at Okimo Clinic have organised:

– B2C marketing in social media
– B2B marketing in social media
– Building a personal brand in social media
– Measuring success in Facebook
– Introduction to Twitter
– LinkedIn in Finland
– LinkedIn for professional and personal use
– LinkedIn for HR professional
– LinkedIn in for researchers
– Facebook campaign tools

Interested in updating your organisation’s social media skills? Drop us an email ( and we’ll get back to you!