Do you need help with written content? Do you need videos to explain the unique value of your product or service?

We at Okimo Clinic want to help you connect with your audience and engage them with high quality content. Become a thought leader in your industry and distinguish your business with carefully planned content strategies and implementations. We can help you build a strategy and support you through the whole process—from content production to measurement and optimisation.

Content strategy

A content strategy should be built on the overall business strategy as it’s an integral part of both communication and marketing plans. We can support you in building an insight-driven and actionable strategy for social and digital content. A comprehensive content strategy considers your overall business objectives, resources and customer insight. What do we want to achieve? What are our customers like? How and where can we connect with them? How do we execute the strategy?

Content marketing and creation

We can help you realize your content marketing plan with support at every step in content creation, from planning and production to management and measurement.

Our content services include:

  • Social media content
  • Blogs, articles, press releases and podcasts
  • Visual content: videos, infographics, photos and presentations
  • White papers, eBooks and brochures
  • Social advertising to target audiences