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OMG – Okimo’s Monthly Goodies #7

OMG! There’s no denying it — autumn is here. But on the upside, the Finnish summer gave us very little to miss… That’s why we’re not looking back but instead focusing on all the amazing things autumn brings. For example, wondering how everyone who goes mushroom picking finds basketfuls of mushrooms while you only picked…

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New people joining Okimo Clinic in Finland

Summer vacations were needed (and deserved) here at Okimo Clinic, as our last fiscal year was such a crazy busy one. July has turned into August, and many of us are coming back to the office. I sincerely hope that all of us have had nice holidays and are returning with fully charged batteries! At…

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How to create the perfect mobile video

Facebook has published valuable insights on creating and using mobile video. Their goal is to offer brands assistance in making the most of their visual content — helping them prepare engaging, creative experiences that will be instantly liked and shared. This is especially important when you look at recent research. Today, over half of the…

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OMG – Okimo’s Monthly Goodies #6

OMG! The Finnish summer was amazing this year! Not a single heat wave to make you sweat through the night, plenty of cooling rains and very few sun burns! If you vacationed in Finland in July and felt disappointed by the weather, we’d like to advise you to start living by the motto “the key…

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Twitter is testing an all-new account promotion model

The top microblogging platform has made a big announcement. Twitter has started beta tests of a new service that may be attractive to those who are willing to pay for advertising. In essence, it is an automatic, flat-fee account promotion program. For just 99 USD, you get your content promoted for a whole month. But…

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How to start perfect B2B headlines

Let’s face it. You could have written the internet’s most interesting article, but without one special ingredient, it might go completely unnoticed. This key element is a good headline. In essence, this is what internet users share — not the article itself, but the brief text preceding it. The headline basically “sells” the rest of…

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