Something very big is brewing at Okimo Clinic and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. But before we do, let’s dive into OMG #13. Is it a lucky number? You can tell us by taking a quick journey through our most important events of March.

Pic or didn’t happen

Who wouldn’t love some red roses? That is exactly what our sweet male Okimonsters thought when they surprised us with fresh flowers on International Women’s Day! We know what you’re thinking,“awws, how sweet”, and that is exactly how we felt too! Just look at those smiling faces receiving all the good thoughts and energy.

Women's Day

A little party never hurt nobody

There have been more than a few reasons to celebrate around the office lately. We welcomed Kopla to our MCP office in Punavuori about a month back, and we received a new tradition from them — “perjantai pullo”, better known as “PePu” (or Friday bottle in English), an exciting wheel of fortune lottery that brings three lucky winners every Friday!

We also had a big event that gathered the whole Marketing Clinic Family together. Okimo’s pre-party was cut a little early though, since our pre-drinks were needed to weigh down the balloons and prevent them from escaping. At least we learned that you don’t always need drinks to get the party started! But balloons, markers and a polaroid camera do the work just as well, if not even better.


Social media update of the month

This is a vital piece to read, especially if you want your content to reach a more business-oriented audience. LinkedIn published insights into what kinds of content performed best on the platform in 2017. As one might imagine, the top three topics were business related: Leadership, Management and Sales.

What were the most engaging articles? Number one and two were “5 essential tips to selling anything to anyone” and “Elon Musk’s brilliant email rule at Tesla”. But other leading articles highlighted women’s rights in the workplace and handling questions about salaries in interviews. Want to know more? Visit our blog.

Song of the month

With the song of the month we have almost reached the end of OMG #13. Although it makes us a bit sad, we think there is no better video to end our iconic Okimo’s Monthly Goodies for this month. Just wait for the part when Will Smith’s swagalicious son asks “What you call an icon livin’?”.

Gif that keeps on giving

It is always a pleasure to let you guys in on the biggest and the baddest happenings around the Okimo office. But as it is Friday, and the weekend will soon start, we thought we would end OMG #13 Homer Simpson GIF style. But don’t you guys worry, we are coming back with fresh social media and blog content next week. See you then!

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