What’s better than professional tips for improving your marketing strategy on LinkedIn? Professional tips from LinkedIn representatives themselves! Probably no one has better insight into what exactly works, which tricks are especially effective and how to get the most out of activities on the platform. And now, these secrets have been shared in a special report called “The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for Marketing”.

This publication will provide readers with a unique, behind the scenes look, at how LinkedIn uses all the tools at its disposal to run successful campaigns. The provided advice is also supported by real life examples based on the experience of LinkedIn’s representatives.

A taste of the sauce

So, what exactly can be learned from this publication? Here are just a few handy tips with numbers that actually show the results LinkedIn achieved from using some of their tricks:

  • Using a call to action in your post’s headline copy
    Their results: 19% higher CTR and 53% higher conversion rate
  • Incorporating statistics into the copy
    Their results: 37% higher CTR and 162% more impressions
  • Keeping the copy short and tidy (under 150 characters)
    Their results: posts like this saw an 18% boost in engagement
  • Adding relevant hyperlinks to the body of the text
    Their result: CTR boosted by 21%
  • Sending messages from a person, rather than a company
    Their results: 16% higher open rate with 10% higher CTR & CVR

Use it for free in your marketing kitchen

The above tips are just a sample of what can be found inside the full guide. On its pages, LinkedIn goes into more detail on content strategy, content and campaign best practices, text ads, targeting, sponsored InMail and even conversion tracking.

And although some of the advice might be well known to marketing professionals, the guide surely contains quite a few ingredients that can add some flavour to any marketing campaign. The platform’s representatives also assure that their publication will provide the following bits of insider information:

  • How we define objectives for marketing on our platform
  • How we balance organic and paid
  • What we’ve learned about targeting, testing and optimizing campaigns
  • Our approach to bidding and budget management
  • How we built an always-on content strategy

The Secret Sauce guidebook can be downloaded for free from LinkedIn’s business web page, although to get your own copy, you will need to provide some personal details or just log into the platform with your personal account. Click here for the download page.

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