We’re three months into 2018, but only now has LinkedIn published insights into what kinds of content performed best on the platform in 2017. And this data is well worth examination and thought, especially for those who would like their content to reach a more business-oriented audience. It can also help social media professionals or marketers who might be affected by falling organic reach on other platforms.

Business is business

As one can imagine, the top three topics discussed on LinkedIn in 2017 were business related: Leadership, Management and Sales. Other topics in the top ten are included Finance, Recruiting, Marketing and Investments.

But LinkedIn representatives also highlight the fact that their highlights are a clear barometer of the most important industry topics influenced by real-world happenings. And thus, among the top 20 topics one can also find Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Security. LinkedIn also notes two completely new topics that have appeared on this list – Start-ups and Entrepreneurship.

Top 20 LinkedIn topics in 2017

Most talked about emerging topics

In addition, LinkedIn provided some insight into the topics that did not make the top 20 list but still saw a big spike in interest during 2017. The rising number of followers of Elon Musk’s and Tesla’s activities surely boosted Electric Vehicles as one of the topics that increased in readers’ interest. This subject will probably grow in interest throughout 2018, along with other topics that speak to more tech-oriented audiences. Chief among these in 2017 were the single-letter topics R and C, which are programming languages.

Another topic that should not come as a surprise is Policy. Two others are definitely also worth mentioning – Funding and Angel Investing, which are clearly connected to two of the top 20’s new arrivals.

Top articles

Besides interesting discussions on hot topics, LinkedIn is of course a great source for valuable articles. And these were also listed in the 2017 overview. While many are connected to the top 20 topics, the articles go into far more detail on certain subjects.

LinkedIn highlights pieces on women’s rights in the workplace and handling questions about salaries in interviews, but also mentions articles on topics such as handling mental illness or mourning loved ones. The articles “5 essential tips to selling anything to anyone” and “Elon Musk’s brilliant email rule at Tesla” were also among 2017’s most engaging pieces.

Most if not all of them are worth a read even if they are not directly connected to your line of business. And they can be found on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog.

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