Winter is a blast. But the time of snowy adventures is almost behind us. And many will probably say this with relief – it’s good that spring is just about here. As we’re counting down the time until the days get longer and warmer, let’s take a look at the most interesting topics covered on our blog in February.

Vine 2.0 is on the horizon

A once popular app is getting ready for a comeback. Vine allowed people to record short, looped videos, and it had a very strong following just a few years ago. Now, one of its co-founders has announced its successor will be released in a few months. But will Vine 2.0 be welcomed by an enthusiastic fan base?

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Google gets big on stories

Digital content gives creators an opportunity to present it in a highly attractive, engaging visual package. And Google just announced the launch of a special story format that should make creating this type of content especially easy. At the same time, the company is working on making e-mails really fancy and more functional. About time, you say? Then read on to discover all the details.

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Facebook modifies the way it measures reach

Reporting the reach of published posts and paid advertisements will become more transparent and easy on Facebook. The company unified how this will be measured, making life easier for social media professionals. At the same time, it also redesigned its Page Insights to be more user friendly on mobile devices.

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Instagram makes Stories better

Instagram lately announced an update to its popular Stories format. It will allow users to play exclusively with words, not only images while creating Stories. At the same time brands will get to be more creative with carousel posts. Time for even more interesting content? It sure seems that way.

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Okimo Clinic grows once again

Some great news was also communicated about Okimo Clinic itself. In the first months of the year, we welcomed two new Okimonians on board. Sanna and Marleena have strengthened our visual and communications teams, and we’re delighted to have them with us. You can learn more about our talented colleagues from one of our recent blog posts.

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Superheroes: Hanna and Joonas

We also had the opportunity to talk to and learn from talented individuals who visited us for our Okimo Pause sessions. As we highly appreciate their wisdom, we share the highlights of their visits in our special Superhero blog series. People interested in uncovering and telling incredible stories or creating service excellence (among other things) are well advised to read what Hanna and Joonas told us.

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