Just when you thought that the massive changes coming to Facebook’s news feed could not get any bigger… along comes another bombshell from the social media platform (you can read all about the recent radical changes on our blog). This time the update is probably a bit less confusing, though. However, it will influence the work of every social media professional that utilizes Page Insights.

Facebook announced it will modify the way it calculates the total reach of published posts. Until now, it was handled differently for paid advertisements and regular posts. For ads, reach was counted based on how many times a specific post was made visible on a user’s screen. For regular posts published by Pages, it was calculated on the basis of its delivery into news feeds.

Going forward, reach will be consistent for both of these groups. This essentially means that the approach already used for ads will also be used in calculating organic reach of posts coming from Pages.

Facebook specifically mentioned that this change will only affect measurements, not the way posts are distributed. It will also not have any influence on other engagement metrics. However, there was one detail in the official announcement that has some social media professionals worried. The social media platform specifically indicates that “As this is stricter reporting, some Pages may see lower reach figures than before“.

Facebook New Reach

Thus, while a more accurate overview of how a Page’s posts are performing will be provided, overall lower reach numbers might soon (or already) be visible for Pages. This of course does not mean that posts published by Pages suddenly started performing worse. The provided numbers will simply be more accurate and might be slightly reduced.

The effects of this update should already be visible in the Page Insights tool, but for the next few months, both measurements will be provided. And after this unspecified period of time only the new methodology will be used.

It should also be mentioned that Facebook has also redesigned their Page Insights to make them more user friendly for mobile devices. The most important metrics should be easier to view in just a few seconds. As the company says, valuable data will be placed at the top. This covers several key pieces of information:

  • General Page diagnostics such as the number of likes, reach and engagement
  • Results of actions recently taken such as recent post performance
  • Previews of new Page engagement such as demographic information on new followers

This update should be available on both Android and iOS devices right now. The company also mentioned that it will explore other ways of making Page Insights even more user friendly, so expect more interesting news. Be sure to follow our blog for more information on these topics.

Facebook Mobile Insights

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