Instagram announced the launch of a welcome addition to their Stories feature. And it should prove valuable both for creative people capturing and recording great photos or videos as well as those who would sometimes rather type a few words instead of sharing an image. The new feature is called “Type” mode, and its name basically says everything.

Whenever you feel like publishing a new Story, you can now use text instead of images to express what’s on your mind. A range of both fonts (or ‘styles’) and backgrounds has been made available. The aforementioned styles can also be used for adding text to photos and videos.

The new feature is available exactly where one would expect. After opening the Instagram app and selecting the camera, “Type” is visible right next to the “Normal” and “Live” options. This feature moves the user directly to all the new available options — as simple as that.

However, like all Stories, the new “Type” Stories will also disappear after 24 hours. This should still be a welcome addition for every Instagram fan. “Type” Stories should now be available for all users on iOS and Android phones.

Stories made better for brands too

A big change to Stories is also coming on the advertising front. For now, it is being tested with 12 select brands (including Paramount, GAP and Coca-Cola), but will soon be expanded. The change covers the addition of a new format called “carousel ads for Instagram Stories”. And as was the case with “Type” Stories, the name really says it all.

Advertisers are given the option to include three images or videos in Story carousel ads, tripling the previous limit of just one image or video. This means that the format — especially when approached in a creative way — can be used to pass more engaging stories and is less limiting time wise. Both types of media (photos and images) — can be used within one carousel ad. There is, of course, also the option to go into full video or full photo mode.

The one part that did not change is the duration of the presented content. Individual photos will be visible for 5 seconds, while videos can be up to 15 seconds long. In reality, this means that a video can actually be 45 seconds long, although it would be divided into three parts. But approached in a creative way, this also has hidden potential. It is also worth noting that the ads themselves will be skippable for regular users. As of now, three photos/videos is the maximum, but this limit might be increased if the test run grows in popularity among Instagram users.

There is no official information on when this update will be available to all brands, but this is rather likely if the feature is a success.

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