Over the last couple weeks, we have looked at the most popular trends from 2017 that have gained traction on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. In this closing post focused on what exactly was popular around the world, we review the year-end data from Google.

The biggest global search engine publishes its “Year in Search” every twelve months. This collection of data acts as a precise barometer of people’s interests throughout each year and even provides some geographic breakdowns. Google presents the most popular global search terms, but also goes a bit deeper, allowing anyone to evaluate specific data from over 70 different countries.

The year of “how”

But, before going into detail, let’s see what the company chose as the most important trend in the world of internet searches. According to Google, this was the year when we most often asked “how…?”. A special video was prepared for this occasion and we encourage everyone to spend two minutes of their time and watch it. It shows that even in difficult times, people want to help, understand the world better and move forward in a positive direction.

Meanwhile, in global search trends, Google classified people’s interest into several categories, ranging from searches, global news and people, to topics revolving around culture, tech, memes and even recipes. Some of the most popular global searches can be found below.

1. Hurricane Irma
2. iPhone 8
3. iPhone X
4. Matt Lauer
5. Meghan Markle

Global news:
1. Hurricane Irma
2. Bitcoin
3. Las Vegas shooting
4. North Korea
5. Solar eclipse

How to:
1. How to make slime
2. How to make solar eclipse glasses
3. How to buy Bitcoin
4. How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor
5. How to make a fidget spinner

As we mentioned, the searches were also divided geographically, so out of natural curiosity we also looked at what Finns were searching for in some of the categories. The results are somewhat…surprising. Have a look below.

How to:
1. How to make slime
2. How to get a boyfriend
3. How to get some sleep
4. How to lose weight fast
5. How to lose weight

1. What to do when you’re bored
2. What does lit mean
3. Toisenlaiset äidit (TV show) How are they doing now
4. What is national socialism
5. What to do with friends

1. Mauno Koivisto (9th Finnish President)
2. Alma (weird, green-haired singer)
3. Jari Sillanpää (Finnish folk singer)
4. Sauli Niinistö (12th President of Finland)
5. Chris Cornell (lead singer of Soundgarden & Audioslave)

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