In our previous post, we detailed the annual reviews assembled by Instagram and YouTube, which featured the most popular trends, personalities, videos, hashtags and more. But this is not the conclusion of end-of-year summaries from social media giants. These last cold weeks of 2017 were filled with insights into what has been hot during the last twelve months.

On Twitter, there has been nothing hotter than… chicken nuggets? The most retweeted tweet of the year came from one Carter Wilkerson, who really wanted some free food (and he even managed to achieve his goal). Meanwhile, the most popular tweet — according to the number of likes — came from former US President, Barack Obama.

Overall, the microblogging platform decided to focus mainly on cultural phenomena and showcase data connected to music, movies, TV shows and sports this year. Although this might not be the most helpful information for businesses reaching out through social media, it shows what potential audiences are most likely to be interested in and share.

The platform also noted the most popular Twitter Moments. And these had some interesting common themes — future generations of humans and space exploration. NASA’s discovery of new Earth-like planets and pop-star Beyoncé’s pregnancy topped the Twitter Moments charts.

And just when you thought that Twitter took an unorthodox approach in presenting its year in review, Facebook went even further. This year, the company focused on one specific aspect of its mission — bringing people together and allowing them to connect in times of need. The three most important and talked about moments of 2017, according to Facebook, were International Women’s Day, the Super Bowl and the tragic events connected to the Las Vegas shooting.

But, the top social media company did not stop there. Though it highlighted these and other tragic events, Facebook still managed to focus on the brighter side of humanity — specifically, people coming together to help those who were in need and show their support for those affected by tragedy. The earthquake in Mexico drove the highest number of total interactions within the “Crisis Response” category on the network. Hurricane Harvey resulted in the biggest Facebook fundraising effort for a single crisis in 2017. Meanwhile, One Love Manchester was the most viewed video and live broadcast of the year — the concert raised almost half a million dollars for people affected by the Manchester terror attack.

The social media giant showed that even in tragic times, the internet and social media can be used to do good and help others. It concluded its year in review by showing the top two ways people connected by Events could meet offline. These were the total solar eclipse (with more than 20 thousand events in over 80 countries) and the Women’s March on DC (which brought together over half a million people for a single cause).

Facebook managed a unique approach to presenting the most crucial moments of the year. And although its data might not be the most useful for work-related activities, it illustrates a very important lesson. Social media has remarkable power — to connect, unite and help in doing good deeds. All of us can probably agree that this is perhaps more important than the social media possibilities for driving business.

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