After seeing how international culture flourishes in at Reaktor (see our previous blog) we spent an afternoon at another international organization. Our next visit took us to the United Nations headquarters, where we met up with Jessica Jiji who works as a video producer in the UN’s Department of Public information.

Founded in 1945, the UN operates globally, taking action on issues such as peace and security, climate change, human rights and humanitarian and health emergencies. The organization consists of 193 member states and operates in 6 official languages. UN communications must be extremely well thought out at all times – the organization interacts with so many countries and deals with major global issues.

Here’s three insights we absorbed from Jessica about the challenging yet fascinating work of the UN:

1. From reaching media to reaching people

One of the major changes that social media has brought into the UN’s communications work is the shift in focus from media to individual people. Previously, it was the media who decided what information reached people’s eyes and ears. Today, social media makes it possible — and also necessary — to talk directly to individual people.

2. Video is key

Speeches have always been an important communications method for the UN, but they are now being increasingly complemented by another content format — video (by the way, Jessica used to work as a speechwriter for the UN Secretary-General.) For example, the UN produces news and feature videos, their own TV show and even Facebook Live videos. Jessica sees video as a compelling way of telling people’s stories from around the world, and here’s her big tip for video producers: remember to always include captions! Data shows, that many people watch videos with the sound turned off.

3. The best part about working at the UN: shared values

The United Nations is no ordinary workplace. When asked to name her favourite part of her job, Jessica’s answer was working with people who are truly passionate about what they do and the causes of the UN. For her, it is a privilege to be surrounded by like-minded people who want to do good through their professional efforts and be a part of something big.

We had a truly inspiring day hearing about this talented woman’s work — our sincerest thanks to her for having us!

If you would like to see the video content produced by the UN, please visit their dedicated website. It is well worth checking out!

This article is part 2 of the article series, OkiGo in New York: 3+3 interesting insights into marketing communications in the Big Apple, written by Okimonians Emmi, Millie and Emilia, who visited New York in October 2017. Read part 1 here.

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