We’ve nearly reached the end of the year. While most people are probably already looking forward to slowing down a bit and enjoying the holiday season with family and friends, this does not seem to apply to the always-busy world of social media. A couple industry leaders even managed to surprise us with some pretty big announcements.

Below, you will find a handy overview of the developments we wrote about on our blog in November.

How to organize contests on Facebook

Everyone likes to have some fun. For many, this means taking part in contests — including those on social media. Organizing a social media contest is a good way for a brand to reach certain goals. But it is not as easy as it might seem. Some requirements have to be met before a contest can be launched on Facebook. Here’s a handy overview of the basics.

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10 quick tips to help make your Facebook contest a success

Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time to dive into the details of launching a successful contest on Facebook. There are some universal rules that should be followed to boost its effectiveness. We’ve prepared a straightforward guide that covers the ten most basic tips.

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Twitter rolled out the 280-character limit

Back in October, we mentioned that Twitter was testing a very big update. Who would have thought that just a month later, the feature would go live? So there you have it tweets can be twice as long as before. This has sparked some controversy among some users while getting the creative juices flowing for others. How do you like the longer tweets so far?

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Facebook makes their polls a bit flashier

The social media giant noticed the ease of use and popularity of recently launched polls launched for Instagram Stories and so launched and updated a poll feature for Facebook. The new polls are simple, fun and engaging. Read more about them in our blog post. We’ve also got you covered with a short five-step guide on how to launch your own Facebook poll.

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OMG #9!

It has also been a busy month at Okimo Clinic! As we like to share and tell stories about all the great things happening in our work, we publish a special blog post called OMG (Okimo’s Monthly Goodies) that covers them all. And if you need further encouragement to read it, lets say that we’ve just introduced a special beer-themed emoji… we knew you’d click when we mentioned that.

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Okimo Clinic continues strong growth

Last, but not least, we have an announcement that makes us very proud. We have summed up our previous fiscal year, and the results are amazing! From July 2016 to June 2017, Okimo Clinic’s net sales increased by over 130%. This growth was driven by several factors, which are outlined, along with a few words from our CEO Helene, at the link below.

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