This past spring, Finnkino was preparing to launch a completely new customer loyalty programme. To support the launch, the cinema chain teamed up with Okimo Clinic and P+SBD for the creation of an emotion-filled recruitment campaign. As a result, Finnkino noted an impressive boost of interest in the programme and an increase in subscriptions.

In 2017, Finnkino was looking for a way to attract more moviegoers to its cinema theatres. A completely new customer loyalty programme — “Finnkino Lab” — was created to achieve this goal.

Okimo Clinic’s sister company P+SBD helped Finnkino in concepting and creating the customer loyalty programme. To raise interest in the soon-to-be-launched programme, they sought an experienced communications partner for cooperation, so Okimo Clinic was selected as a partner for creating the recruitment campaign as well as producing the visual content.

Showing the power of cinematography through emotions

The project involved Okimo Clinic creating a clever concept for an original video. During early discussions with Finnkino, the concept of “The Great Feelings Community” was developed.

The key motif of the concept is a portrayal of the full spectrum of emotions that cinema-goers experience — playing on the idea that emotions are something that Finns show, in fact, only in movie theatres. Until the final moments of the clip, the viewer would be unaware that these emotions were being expressed by people sitting in cinemas and watching movies.

Okimo Clinic was responsible for the full scope of work on the video project. A casting session was organized to find the best-suited talent — among both new and experienced actors — for the script prepared by the in-house audio-visual team.

Okimo Clinic also handled all the production aspects, from shooting to video editing, as well as the photography that was used in the campaign.

“Our project progressed along a fast schedule. What made it great was that Okimo was quite flexible, but always focused on a high-quality outcome”, notes Finnkino’s CRM Specialist Sina Aalto.

Careful management and quick execution are key to success

All of the tasks required both robust video and project management work. However, the final result was needed on a tight deadline — within just a month of the project’s start. The ambitious goal was achieved through careful planning and execution.

“Communication with Finnkino representatives went very well and made the whole process smooth. Thanks to good decisions during casting, we managed to get the perfect performers for this video. You could feel the emotions in the air!” says Riikka Lavaste, who managed the project at Okimo Clinic.

The videos and associated photography spurred additional interest and strengthened Finnkino’s programme. Beyond movie theatres, it was also present in social media and at Flow Festival, one of the biggest cultural events in Finland. Finnkino noted an impressive boost of interest in the programme and an increase in subscriptions after the campaign.

“The finished video was received very well among both Finnkino staff and customers, and was perceived as truly high-quality. Thanks to the campaign, we have already received many new members to our community”, concludes Sina Aalto.

Watch the final clip below:

Founded in 1986, Finnkino is both the biggest cinema chain in Finland and the most versatile cultural experience provider in Finnish entertainment. The chain has 14 cinemas in total across eleven Finnish cities — with 102 screens altogether. Finnkino also operates in the Baltic countries through the Forum Cinemas brands as part of Europe’s largest movie theatre chain, Odeon Cinemas Group. Nearly 6 million viewers visited Finnkino’s theatres in 2016.

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