Just over a month has passed since Instagram introduced a new feature enabling users to create polls. These fun, engaging and easy-to-use polls are poised to become very popular. And Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has noticed this.

The behemoth social media network has announced a revamp of its own polling feature. While Facebook polls have been available for some time, the updated feature seems destined to become a hit among users, primarily thanks to its simplicity and a new eye-catching option.

Here’s how you create a poll in just five steps:

  1. Select the poll option from the menu below the new post window.
  2. Input your question and two possible responses.
  3. Select the time period during which the poll will be live.
  4. Select and add pictures to the poll.
  5. Post the poll.

These updated polls should already be available for all profiles, both private and business. They can be created both through Facebook’s website and the mobile app. At the moment, polls are still limited to having only two potential responses, but now images — including animated GIFs — can be added to the polls. This makes polls more visible and fun, tempting users to participate in them.

The time left to cast a vote can also be shown, which can initially be a day, a week or forever. A poll participant list is also available, publicly showing all the users who cast a vote.

The upgraded feature is already popping up in the private feeds of Facebook users. But it is also a handy tool for brands. Putting together a well-prepared poll that stands out from the crowd of regular posts is an easy way to drive follower engagement. At the same time, polls are a great way to gather direct feedback from fans. So why not create one today?

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