Okimo Clinic’s net sales grew strongly — this time, by over 130% in the last fiscal year (July 2016 to June 2017) to approximately EUR 1.2 million. This growth was driven in particular by service development, ongoing customer relationships, successful recruitment and close cooperation with Marketing Clinic Partners.

During the fiscal year, Okimo Clinic expanded its services in social media design, analytics and content production into a wider range of digital communications. Today, Okimo Clinic’s services include multi-channel communication design, content production and digital communication strategies as well as strategy and change communication.

In addition, video services were also expanded Okimo Clinic produced several videos and animations. These included communications materials for business strategies and business transformation for top management representatives as well as brand videos.

The past year also included Finnkino and Hanken joining Okimo Clinic’s client group. Simultaneously, cooperation with long-time clients such as F-Secure, Lassila & Tikanoja, Rightware, Tieto and Sanoma Pro continued to be vigorous.

Alongside strong growth and intensified client cooperation, Okimo Clinic’s staff nearly doubled since the previous fiscal year to nearly 20 digital communication professionals.

“I’m really happy that we exceeded our growth targets — the thanks for this achievement go to all who have been involved and believed in us. We will continue to focus on finding and delivering the most effective digital communication tools across all channels. I’m also glad that strong growth has not changed us. Our team spirit and open culture have survived, and we have actually bonded even more. We see ourselves as a facilitating organization in which everybody has the opportunity to grow, and we aim to preserve this culture in the future”, says Helene Auramo, CEO and co-founder of Okimo Clinic.

Okimo Clinic’s growth was also accompanied by closer collaborations with other Marketing Clinic Partners companies, including strategy and marketing consultancy Marketing Clinic, digital marketing and sales specialist P + SBD, and the Kopla consultancy.

“We have a number of joint projects that help customers, for example, streamline marketing and sales integration. The possibilities are still endless”, concludes Helene Auramo.

Finnish press release available here.