Three Okimonians — Millie, Emilia and Emmi — spent a week together in New York. Amidst eating endless piles of pancakes, they visited a couple of interesting organizations to talk about the way communications and marketing are done in the Big Apple.

Okimo Clinic is powered by people brought together by a passion for communications. At some point, we went from being colleagues with a shared fascination to becoming friends. This ultimately led us to book a vacation together to the city that never sleeps, New York. We took this chance to not only relax, but also visit some interesting organizations to learn about communications work on the other side of the Atlantic. Ever since we returned home, we have been eager to share some of the insights we absorbed, so here you go. Keep reading to find out more about our visit to Reaktor!

Making your business international — a Finnish company succeeding overseas

Reaktor is a Finnish company that designs and executes digital solutions for businesses. The company was founded in 2000, and today, it has offices in four locations around the world: Helsinki, New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

Reaktor’s New York-based marketing coordinator Ella Nuutinen tells us that the working culture of their NY and Helsinki offices are quite similar for a couple of key reasons. All employees are empowered to participate in developing the company. But they also like to spend time together after office hours — for example, there is a collective dinner every Thursday. Group outings are also organized from time to time. This was fun to hear, as the culture sounds similar to ours at Okimo!

Here are three key takeaways from our conversation with Ella:

1. Know your channels to reach the right audience

In a country of more than 300 million people, you have to know your audience, including where to find them and how to reach them. For example, when doing recruitment marketing, it is not enough to post job ads on general recruitment channels like in Finland. Instead, it’s crucial to also utilize niche channels targeted to specific positions, genders and ethnicities — there is, for example, a recruitment app made especially for reaching female engineers!

2. It’s all about networking

Here’s something that hasn’t changed over the years: the importance of networking. As working life is extremely hectic for New Yorkers, they usually don’t have time to just casually meet up — you have to catch them at different events to develop contacts.

3. A tip for us Finns: be more confident

Finnish morale is highly appreciated in the business world but often goes unnoticed, as it’s not spoken out loud. This high morale, combined with a strong network, was actually something that ultimately led to the establishment of Reaktor’s New York office. A few years back, a potential big NYC-based client had heard, through mutual contacts, about an extraordinary Finnish company called Reaktor and invited them to give a pitch — and the rest is history.

Finnish companies, take note: it’s okay to make some noise about yourselves!


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This article is part 1 of the article series, ‘OkiGo in New York: 3+3 interesting insights into marketing communications in the Big Apple’, written by Okimonians Emmi, Millie and Emilia about their recent visit to New York. In part two, you will learn about their key insights from their meeting at the United Nations.

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