And it’s official! After a short test in September, Twitter has expanded the character limit for tweets. It’s time to say goodbye to the 140 characters that we have gotten used to — and say hello to the new 280-character limit. Almost all Twitter users* should have the new option enabled by the time this is published.

Interestingly enough, Twitter also said that their data shows that historically only 9% of tweets in English reached the maximum character count. For the new limit, this number has supposedly dropped to just 1%.

The company also said that since the new feature has become available, only 5% of published tweets have exceeded the original 140-character limit, while only 2% were over 190 characters long. However, experimenting with lengthier tweets can also prove beneficial. Twitter reports that in many cases, people have received more engagement and increased their follower counts by being wordier.

*The new feature was not implemented for Chinese, Korean and Japanese tweets. Twitter said, “that character count has not been an issue for these languages, because of the density of their writing systems”. The company also mentioned that the average tweet in these languages uses roughly 15 characters. However, it will be interesting to see if users will put pressure on Twitter to increase character limits universally — with so many creative ways to use Twitter, why limit anyone?

We wrote about Twitter’s plans some time ago. The original story can be found in one of our other blog pieces.

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