OMG! If you’re reading this, it means you survived October — to some, the most utterly depressing and uninspiring month of the year. But to Okimonians, just another chance to absolutely crush it! In October, we’ve been doing a lot of learning, brainstorming and travelling among other things, making sure our spirits have stayed sky-high. Read on to find out how we do it!


Pics or it didn’t happen!

Did you think Okimo Clinic only operates in Finland? Think again. In October, we were world-travellers, nomads of the unknown, explorers of the planet. During one single month, our projects took some of our Okitravellers to visit nearby Stockholm twice, some to take a bite of the Big Apple in NYC, some for beers in Prague, some to say hi to our Eastern neighbours in St. Petersburg and some to Karkkila. Fine, perhaps some destinations were more exotic than others — but all were fruitful and awesome trips nevertheless.


Social media update of the month

There was one particular social media update that got us extra excited last month. Maybe it’s because it was a fun update that also tickles our insight-driven minds. We’re talking about polls on Instagram! The new Instagram Stories feature lets you ask a question and see results from your followers as they vote. The two-option polls can be answered directly in the story. We’ve run polls in our Okimo Stories (make sure you follow us on Instagram!) and many of our clients have also been using it to engage their followers.

Here’s how easy the polls are to use:

  1. Take a photo or video for a story
  2. Select the “poll” sticker
  3. Place the sticker anywhere
  4. Write out the question and customize the poll options
  5. Share
  6. Watch the results in real-time as followers vote

Read more about the update in our blog post


Okimo Stories

Speaking of Instagram Stories, there’s a lot going on in Okimo’s Instagram Stories every month. In case you, for whatever odd reason, missed some of them, worry not we have compiled a short summary of our October Stories for your convenience. It includes behind-the-scenes material from videos, photoshoots and voice recordings as well as Okimo Pause meetings and even a few celebrities. Check it out!


Lessons learned

As you might have known, Harry “Hjallis” Harkimo is the Chairman of the Board of Okimo Clinic. He’s a busy fellow, so we don’t get to see him at the office too often. But we were lucky in October, as he managed to squeeze an Okimo Pause visit into his schedule. We learned that school wasn’t really his thing growing up, that he first started his career working for other people but soon realized entrepreneurship is the way to go, that he makes even the biggest decisions based on gut feeling and that he thinks Okimo’s greatest assets are its employees and their drive. Thanks Hjallis for taking the time to share your lessons learned!


Emoji of the month

We’ve started a new tradition. It involves two of our favourite things: beer and brainstorming. You guessed it it’s called beerstorming! Every Friday, we dedicate one hour to a beerstorming session, where we sit down over an afternoon beer (or some other beverage of choice) and come up with fresh, beer-infused ideas for any given project that needs a little extra brain power. So far, we’ve found solutions and ideas superfast and efficiently in these sessions, and we’ve noticed this laid-back, less-than-conservative way of brainstorming has worked wonders. That’s why we’ve also introduced a new emoji the mini beerstorming emoji: Beerstorming Okimo Clinic Whenever someone needs a second opinion or a quick sanity check for something they’re working on, they can use the emoji on Slack and get a few minutes of brainstorming time from another Okimonian. It’s all about teamwork, folks!


Song of the month

We have a couple of Halloween fanatics at the office. They throw extravagant, scare-you-to-the-bone Halloween parties, dress up for the occasion and in general enjoy all things dark and spooky. To wish them and all you creepy creepers out there a happy Halloween, here’s a melody to put you in the right state of mind (terrified is what we’re going for).

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