A month in the world of social media seems like an eternity. So many things are happening that it is hard to keep up. But we are here to help!

We have put together a comprehensive overview of all the interesting stories we wrote about on the Okimo Clinic blog this past month. Each snippet has a short summary alongside handy links leading to the original (and only slightly longer) texts. We hope you enjoy the new format and we welcome any feedback you might have.

Instagram brings polls to Stories

Now there is a simple way to get any question answered on Instagram. A new feature lets users prepare interactive polls as stickers. All you needed is an idea and two minutes of work — the final result should be well worth your effort. Instagram even provides insights into the final poll results.

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Rapid growth for Pinterest and Instagram

Maybe it is because of new features, or maybe it’s simply their charm. Both Instagram and Pinterest have announced new milestones in their growth. And seriously, these are impressive numbers. Instagram also surprised its users with an alarming (but unofficial) announcement.

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280-character tweets?

It is always good to know how to say more with fewer words. Twitter users have had to perfect this skill, as they have been limited to just 140 characters per tweet. But this might change soon. The microblogging platform has announced that it is running a test with tweets that are twice as long as the ones we have learned to write. But is this a good idea?

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A digital catalogue (and resume) from Facebook

If you follow Facebook news, you are probably aware, that the world’s biggest social media network is constantly trying out new ideas. A couple of these that look especially promising are a digital catalogue, which is a new ad format, and overhauled resumes. But does this mean Facebook wants to take on LinkedIn?

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Here comes the Explore feed

We could not resist. Here’s yet another piece of news related to Facebook. But this is a big one! The company is rolling out a new feature that in essence is a completely new (second) news feed. You should be able to try it out now. Want to know how? Then visit our recent blog post.

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OMG #8!

In case you missed it, we also published a short blog piece about what is happening at our office. From the band Green Day to actor Jim Carrey’s pain of existence and special Okimo Clinic mugs, we’ve got it all!

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