Facebook is rolling out a new type of ad: “lifestyle templates”. The name does not clearly explain itself, so here is the scoop. The new ad format resembles a print catalogue with users being able to buy directly from the ad. It consists of “pages” that people can scroll through and highlighted items. Clicking on the items brings up more information about them. Think of it as a digital version of the famous catalogue still distributed by one of the world’s biggest furniture brands. You can see how Lifestyle templates work on Facebook’s website.

Image source: Facebook

A digital resume

Other, unrelated reports are claiming that the world’s biggest social media network is also trying to take on even more competitors — and not the obvious ones. A new feature called ‘work histories’ was spotted on Facebook, and it apparently lets users showcase their personal information such as education, but also employment periods and job titles held like a CV or resume. Facebook will reportedly allow users to modify visibility settings for this information. Currently, it can be public or visible to friends only, but thanks to this feature, it could also be made available only for specific recruitment processes.

The tests have been confirmed by a company representative, who simply said: “We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook”.

The social media giant has already proven it can challenge other players in the area it already occupies and even outperform them with similar features. And although this latest feature might not be perceived as an effort to take away LinkedIn users, it still might be a big success for Facebook. Recruiters around the world are already browsing the social media profiles of potential new employees. Work histories could make this task easier while simplifying recruitment processes for job hunters too.

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