Autumn is evidently the time social media networks blossom, as two platforms just announced big milestones. First was Pinterest. The company revealed that it now has 200 million monthly active users (up from 175 million in April). This might not be the gigantic user base Facebook boasts, but the platform is clearly becoming a more and more attractive place for marketers and businesses alike. At the same time, Pinterest published a friendly infographic showing audience figures and usage stats with high-growth categories detailed:

  • Food 46% year-over-year increase in people saving food-related pins
  • Financial services 85% increase in financial services-related pins saved since January
  • Automotive the number of pins saved in this category grew by 46% in the last five months

Second out of the gate was Instagram. The Facebookowned company is creeping up on the “magic number” of one billion users. In the last week of September it announced that it had reached 800 million active monthly users. At the same time, Instagram also boasted that it had 2 million monthly active advertisers (representing 100% growth in just the last six months).

But, this isn’t the biggest piece of news associated with Instagram. A bombshell dropped online, when users started reporting a revamp of Instagram’s picture layout. A new feature, which is probably being tested, presents a 4-wide image layout. For some, this might be a blessing, but for many brands it would mean that their carefully curated feeds would be thrown into disarray by the shakeup. Officially, Instagram has not commented on this news, so don’t get your hopes up nor should you start thinking that your months of lovingly curated content will go to waste. Instead, you can visit our blog we will let you know about any official (and less official) changes that might be on the horizon.


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