Some exciting (and controversial) news recently surfaced on Twitter. One of the company’s founders Biz Stone officially announced that tests of a new, higher character limit have begun. It has not been decided if this feature will eventually go live, but Twitter is looking into offering 280-character tweets.

The reasoning behind this is simple. Some languages (i.e. Japanese and Chinese) can convey more information in the same number of characters than other languages. Doubling the tweet character limit should give users more creative freedom. But for those who are still struggling with 140 characters, Twitter also published a short list of tips on how to say more with short tweets.

As the microblogging platform says, tweets consisting of fewer than 100 characters are the most engaging in most cases. What professionals publishing content on Twitter should be thinking of is how to prepare perfect, succinct copy that uses creative approaches to make their content stand out. Twitter has published a few examples and tips on how to do this, based on tweets from successful brands:

  • Combine concise keywords with bold visuals that are specifically aimed at your audience. And don’t forget about hashtags.
  • Educate your audience. Be smart, but also funny (use emojis, too). And take advantage of multimedia whenever you feel that it can enhance the story.
  • Solve problems your audience might have, but do it in a light, easily-digestible way. GIFs are your friend.

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