The Facebook-owned Instagram is introducing a new, interesting feature — interactive poll stickers for Stories. These let users ask any kind of question and receive votes from friends and followers alike. At the moment, two-option polls are available, allowing users to share their opinion in a quick and easy way. Here is how it works:

  1. Take a photo or video for Stories
  2. Select the “poll sticker” of your choice
  3. Place it anywhere you like on the photo or video
  4. Write whatever question and poll responses you like
  5. Share the Story

So, only five quick steps separate users from creating a fancy poll. Voting results become visible very quickly. Once any given user has provided a response, he or she will see which of the two options is the most popular. Rewatching the Story will also provide the latest results.

Meanwhile, the poll owner has access to a general overview. It shows how many votes were cast for each of the two available options divided by the total vote count. Also visible are the choices made by each individual participating in the vote. However, the polls and their final results do disappear after just 24 hours.

The introduction of these polls should come as no surprise. Recently, some Facebook users witnessed an explosion in the popularity of real time voting based on reactions. It is only natural that Instagram’s parent company tried to spread this mechanism to another platform. Although it is too early to tell how popular this option will become, brands active on Instagram can now use it to receive feedback from their followers as a basis for making decisions.

For those in need of additional help, Instagram provided a detailed walkthrough in their Help Center.

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