Some people say that they don’t want to be friends with their colleagues. Especially in Finland, this has been a hot topic lately. But we perceive the situation differently. When you have friends at work, business days are not only more fun — overall performance is also boosted. And when you hire people who have the same passions and values, becoming friends suddenly becomes natural. One of those very close groups of friends at Okimo consists of Millie, Emilia and Emmi.

But, as Millie notes, their friendship didn’t appear out of thin air: “It was our OkiGo trip to London last year that really sparked our friendship. Emilia and I had just joined Okimo, so the three of us didn’t really know each other until then. Spending an intense 24 hours together made us realize that we have quite a lot in common and that we get along very well. After the trip, we started hanging out together outside the office too, and quickly we became really close. Having good friends at work is a source of strength because they’ll always make you laugh, brightening even the toughest days. It’s great to work somewhere with nice people, and it’s even better if you can make lifelong friends along the way”.

At Okimo Clinic, the forging of friendships is actively supported. Actually, it’s something Okimo Clinic CEO Helene Auramo has put a lot of thought into. “I have even tried to take this into account when organizing where people sit”, Helene notes. “Originally, I thought it would be good to mix Okimonians up a little, but some people came and said that they would be much happier if they could simply sit next to their friends. And when new things are still getting done, why shouldn’t we bring more enjoyment into the office? Since then, I have tried to take this into account, especially among younger Okimonians. I think older employees don’t mind these issues so much… and I guess that also means I’m getting old”, Helene laughs.

Empire state of mind

A new idea came to my mind when Millie, Emmi and Emilia asked me several months ago if they could have a joint holiday in the US. Since we are a rather small team, three people away during autumn, which is always a hectic time, might seem a bit ludicrous. In many companies this might not even be possible. But I said yes. And I actually wanted to take the plan even further”, Helene explains.

Helene sees Okimo Clinic as a platform that enables people with a passion for communications. People are curious and ambitious. “Millie, Emmi and Emilia suggested that they might do a day’s worth of remote work during their stay and organize some visits. It is often much easier to visit companies and influencers if you contact them through business channels and not as individuals, so that’s what we did”.

We can’t wait to see how this American journey plays out. Stay tuned if you would also like to learn more about this year’s OkiGo too. We will be publishing a more detailed travel journal on our blog and social media channels using the hashtag #okigo. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.

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