Autumn is coming. The days are getting shorter. The sky is turning grey, and rain is falling more and more often. But we are not trying to sound pessimistic here! To the contrary, we are looking forward to this time, as it is the best opportunity to enjoy a cup of something warm alongside a book. And this is exactly what we are planning to do.

Expanding knowledge is very important for all of us at Okimo Clinic. That is why our leadership examined the possibilities for helping us all learn something new in an entertaining way during the autumn season. This is how the Okimo Library was born. It is an internal programme that allows us to order books online every once in a while. These texts are intended to be connected to our work, but boost our knowhow in an area of our choosing.

The idea was met with enthusiasm. You could sense a buzz at our Okimo HQ — people exchanging ideas and talking about the titles that would be best. All of us were curious to see what would land on the desks of other Okimonians.

Ultimately, a list was prepared, the order went out and… we were all surprised by the choices we had made. But to share the excitement of working at Okimo Clinic, we have prepared a list of the titles we ordered for all booklovers to see. Soon, we will also be posting social media content focused on the books we have chosen. Use the #okimolibrary hashtag to find out which Okimonian ordered the below mentioned books or visit our Instagram to learn more.

Books ordered by Okimonians: