OMG! There’s no denying it autumn is here. But on the upside, the Finnish summer gave us very little to miss… That’s why were not looking back but instead focusing on all the amazing things autumn brings. For example, wondering how everyone who goes mushroom picking finds basketfuls of mushrooms while you only picked 3, and even they turned out to be poisonous. Or scrolling through hundreds of pictures of bright red tree leaves because that’s your whole Instagram feed this time of year. Or the comforting social approval of switching from white wine to red. So bring on the September winds we’re ready! But first, let’s recap what we were up to in August.


Work hard, play hard

The end of summer tends to give people the blues. For us at Okimo Clinic it’s been made a bit easier by Marketing Clinic Partners’ annual Summer Day! This year’s celebration took place at the beautiful Lonna Island in Helsinki, where Okimo Clinic, Marketing Clinic, P+SBD and Kopla gathered to celebrate the past year, plan for the next one and just have a good ol’ time. The MCP family has grown so much lately; we now span over 5 countries and 4 companies. And this ever-growing gang sure knows the importance of working hard and partying hard(er)!

Marketing Clinic Partners


Curious George

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.” This quote from Bernard Baruch perfectly depicts what we at Okimo Clinic are all about. We are curious and love asking “WHY?” It seems like we share this trait with everyone at Marketing Clinic Partners, which is why last month we launched our new Curiosity Programme for everyone at MCP. The programme invites the most adventurous members of the MCP family to work among Okimonians for a week, participate in our weekly meeting, chat with us, listen to our bad jokes, absorb the good vibes and learn more about what we do. And obviously always ask “WHY?” So far we’ve been visited by P+SBD’s Ninja and Marketing Clinic’s Erika and Catharina. It’s been awesome to learn about them personally and professionally. And this actually helps us serve our clients even better in the future by showing us how (and why) the other MCP family companies do what they do.


Newbies of the month

Just like the MCP family as a whole, Okimo Clinic has grown too. In August, not one, not two, but THREE new faces entered the Okimo universe. We’re thrilled to have them here to brighten our and our clients’ days with their expertise in communications, photography and videography. Welcome Inka, Behi and Ilari!

Inka Vettenranta, Senior Digital Communications Consultant

Behrang "Behi" Assadi, photographer

Behrang “Behi” Assadi, Photographer

Ilari Koskinen, Cinematographer

Ilari Koskinen, Cinematographer


Social media update of the month

YouTube has been experimenting with better ways to share videos, and after making some final tweaks, theyre ready to roll out a new sharing feature. Now you can share and discuss videos without leaving the mobile app. Sharing videos is as easy as tapping the share button on a video and selecting recipients directly from your YouTube contacts. YouTube has also introduced a new ‘Shared’ tab that lets you keep track of your conversations — read more about all the new features here.


Lessons learned

Lifelong learning is a term you hear all the time. As you know by now, we Okimonians are curious by nature, so this concept of continuously improving oneself is an instinct to us. That’s why last month, instinctively, we ordered a pile of books for the office! Each of us got to order a few volumes that we thought would be helpful with our work. The compilation of books was diverse, ranging from industry-leading guides about business methodologies (Hacking Growth: How Today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success) to the perhaps less obvious references (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life). Our library is starting to look pretty impressive!


Song of the month

This month’s musical pick features Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. She’s moody, dark and dreamy while he’s cool, chill and maybe even smug if autumn was an artist duo, it’d be this one.