“Are they Japanese?” This was one of the questions Marisa Kursula was asked by her friends when she told them she wanted to join Okimo Clinic. Little did she expect that this decision would put her on a team of professionals that constantly challenge and motivate each other and make their office a place everyone looks forward to coming into each morning.

Marisa is one of the two youngest Okimonians. She recently graduated from Aalto University School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in business and administration, majoring in business technology. And it is at school that she learned about Okimo Clinic.

My friends and I were looking for internships, and I found Okimo Clinic in our university recruitment portal. I applied for the trainee position because it sounded interesting and I believed it would be a good fit for me. My friends asked me about the company, but I remember one question very clearly — ‘Is Okimo Clinic Japanese?’ Perhaps the name does sounds a bit Japanese”, Marisa recalls with a smile.

In reality, Okimo Clinic is not from the Land of the Rising Sun, but Marisa soon found out that it has many qualities that have made it a perfect fit for her. Her current role at Okimo Clinic involves analytics and insights work. Her education gives her the right background for this work, but she also has an interest in modern technologies and IT applications — from cloud computing to artificial intelligence.

We, the people

From its very beginning, Okimo Clinic has been about the people that form its foundation. Our hand-picked employees possess complementary skills and an innate understanding that succeeding together is more likely than trying to win individually. That is why we value being open minded and willing to help each other. Marisa quickly noticed this approach and was very fond of it.

Okimo Clinic is all about the people working here, who are amazing. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Although we have different backgrounds, we match very well and the team dynamic is excellent. The people are the reason our company is unique. We enjoy coming to work every day, because we have the chance to develop at a personal level, but also develop the company further. There are so many opportunities for every employee. This motivates me to work harder, because I want to constantly learn new things”, notes Marisa.

Walk like an Okimonian

This constant drive to develop also extends to company leadership, which is always on the lookout for fresh ideas to make work even more exciting. One of our newest initiatives involves employees using personal fitness trackers. This motivates us not only to stay at the top of our mental abilities, but also remain in top physical shape. The concept was met with enthusiasm, and soon, we had all started our friendly rivalry. For Marisa, this was a particularly attractive idea.

I am very interested in occupational wellbeing, doing what it takes to make every employee feel good at work. This also extends to topics such as HR management. I perceive our internal activity challenges as a good way of improving occupational wellbeing. I am a people-oriented person, and I would like everyone around me to feel happy and healthy”, Marisa reveals.

Strength in knowledge

The first six months at Okimo Clinic flew by very quickly for our young trainee. But her commitment, high-quality work and will to develop further were quickly noticed by leadership. Marisa did not have to think twice when offered a position with Okimo — and she has recently celebrated her promotion to junior consultant. Marisa already knows what she will be doing in the coming months — putting even more energy into development, not only at work, but also at university.

Working with people who can teach you new things is inspiring and rewarding. I know I can and will develop my skills at Okimo Clinic, but at the same time, I want to further my studies at university. I perceive this as something positive: I can combine working and studying quite easily, since these two activities support each other well”, Marisa explains.

And this is the attitude all Okimonians share. We are constantly hungry for new knowledge and skills. We know that this keeps us moving forward personally, but at the same time also makes Okimo Clinic stronger. As Marisa puts it, “It is very motivating to work with people who share the same values, work ethic and willingness to develop. This also takes the company forward. I know my skills can be used to make Okimo Clinic and our clients more successful. I learn by doing, so the best way for me to get better at something is to take the leap and start working. The rest will come naturally.