We recently mentioned that we have some exciting news to share in the second half of the summer — and we are keeping our word. After just acquiring two new talents, we are proud to announce that our crew has grown yet again!

We have strengthened our video team, which has been extremely busy during the last few months. From filming in the US and the Netherlands to creating excellent pieces at home in Finland, nothing has been impossible for our gifted colleagues. But with every accomplishment, we grow even more ambitious and want to create even more amazing content. By strengthening our visual team, we can set the bar higher and achieve even greater successes.

So, without further ado, let me introduce Ilari.

Ilari, welcome to the team! It is great to have you.

Ilari Koskinen joins Okimo Clinic as our Cinematographer. He is an extremely talented videographer and editor who has worked with many of the top Finnish brands. Ilari joins us from the video agency KLOK.