OMG! The Finnish summer was amazing this year! Not a single heat wave to make you sweat through the night, plenty of cooling rains and very few sun burns! If you vacationed in Finland in July and felt disappointed by the weather, we’d like to advise you to start living by the motto “the key to happiness is low expectations”. Works every year.


Emoji of the month
If we had to choose one emoji to describe July, it has to be this one: 

In our internal Slack we used this emoji to let others know we’ve left for vacation and are most likely sipping drinks out of a coconut under a palm-tree at the moment — in other words, “please do not expect me to answer your Slack message any time soon”. By now, the palm-trees have vanished from our Slack and we see Okimonians back at the office, with their skins tanned, their internal batteries charged and their sleeves rolled up, ready for new challenges.


Get moving!
Every Okimonian now has a Fitbit tracker, letting us track daily activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more. The Fitbit app’s step goal competition has been fierce among Okimonians. The “Workweek Hustle” challenge has pushed some of us to jump up and down while doing the dishes, take long detours on the way to the office bathroom and even spend entire evenings wandering around town just to beat each others’ scores. This behavior comes down to us being either super enthusiastic or just plain competitive. Who knows.

Okimo Clinic Fitbit


Social media news of the month
Instagram and Snapchat are becoming more and more alike. For businesses, deciding which channel to utilize is a puzzle. As we at Okimo Clinic say about almost any social media activity, it all comes down to who your audience is. You need to know where your audience is active, which platform the people you want to reach are using and what their interests are. It seems the only real differentiator between the two channels is age Snapchat appeals more to younger users. But then again, you might find you need to be on Instagram to make the most of your efforts, as it has many more users. Whichever channel you choose, make sure you’re creating interesting content that appeals to your target audience. Read more here.


A GIF that keeps on giving
Vacation, holiday, break, rest, time off, leave of absence, recreation, siesta, annual leave, intermission, breathing space. The dear child has many names, but July was definitely the time for relaxing.


Live and learn
We have stepped up our employee on-boarding game! We ran an internal survey to find out what Okimonians thought about the on-boarding process when they first joined the company and what could be improved. We take great pride in listening to our employees and giving everyone a chance to influence how we do things. And that’s why we have developed new ways to make it even easier and more efficient for newcomers to get started and learn about Okimo, its people, and how things work around here.

Okimo Clinic onboarding


Song of the month
All us Okimonians are pushing ourselves to win our daily Fitbit challenges, so here’s a song to help keep people jumping around and crushing those steps goals!