A little over a year after their full launch, Facebook’s Instant Articles have proven to be an undeniable success. It all started in May 2015, when a handful of big publishers got to try out this new feature. A year later, everyone was invited on board — and over a thousand publishers from all around the world joined Instant Articles in April 2016. Since then, the feature has changed how people consume the content that interests them — no more redirecting to a mobile website and waiting for a page to load. Through Instant Articles, readers are just one click and two seconds away from captivating content.

Drive traffic and monetize

It should be no wonder, then, that this format delivers from 20 to 50 percent more traffic than regular mobile web content. At the same time, more and more publishers are noticing the benefits of this Facebook feature. Their number has increased by 25% over the last six months alone, and there are now more than ten thousand of them globally. The social media platform also says that Instant Articles represent more than 1/3 of all article clicks via Facebook. Product manager Harshit Agarwal has shared some interesting insights on this feature. In one of his recent blog posts, he noted that Facebook is paying publishers a million dollars per day through Facebook Audience Network. His analysis also suggests that publishers using Instant Articles have seen revenue from pageviews jump by over 50 percent.

A faster reading experience

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is quickly expanding its tests of advertisements running in Instant Articles. These ads went live in March, and the Facebook team seems to be happy with the preliminary results and has now opened the test to all publishers.

As always, our goal with ads in Instant Articles is to maintain the best reading experience for people, while driving revenue for publishers and performance for advertisers. We know that Instant Articles provide a better, faster reading experience for people on Facebook, which we’ve seen drive a significant boost of traffic for publishers”, said Agarwal in his blog post. “On top of this boost in traffic, we are investing heavily in new features to help publishers build deeper relationships with their audience through call-to-action units and increased ads monetization, with recent enhancements like adding flexibility in ad placements and enabling new types of Facebook ads”, the Facebook representative concluded.

The quick rise in popularity of Instant Articles should serve as a reminder that this is yet another effective way to reach a brand’s target audience. They attract users by giving them a fast reading experience and well targeted — and interesting — content from a source they follow. At the same time, the feature is praised by publishers who enjoy a boost in readership through reaching further and expanding their fan base. They also have the option to cooperate with advertisers and publish branded content as part of Instant Articles. Well prepared materials that address the specific needs of a target audience can build strong and healthy relationships between readers and brands. No matter how you look at Instant Articles, it seems that Facebook has built a feature that benefits everyone — from happy readers to satisfied publishers and brands that gain access to an attractive way to present their products and services through a captivating story.