It might seem easy to create visual content for social media. Just pick up a camera, point and start filming. The same goes for other visual content like infographics. All you need is just some Photoshop or Illustrator skills and an idea, right? Not exactly. A graphic designer or video team also needs a skilled coordinator. At Okimo Clinic, that person is Riikka Lavaste, who oversees visual projects and is responsible for the final results arriving on time and being exactly what clients are expecting.

In today’s market, multi-talented people who effectively combine soft and hard skills are a valuable asset in every company. Especially in the creative industry, the ability to handle communication in a clear, effective way, combined with project management is an important, sought after competency. And this is exactly what Riikka brings to the ever-busy visual team at Okimo Clinic.

Riikka started editing pictures and exploring photography in elementary school, but since then has demonstrated her skills by earning two degrees, one in media communications and the other in marketing and advertising production. She also has experience in visual planning, graphic design and content production. It is no wonder that she seemed to be a perfect fit for the visual team at Okimo Clinic, as was instantly recognized by company leadership.

After I graduated from university, I was looking for new opportunities, and I stumbled upon Okimo Clinic on Instagram. I started looking into the company and got interested. There actually weren’t any open positions, but I still sent an application mentioning my skills and what I would like to do. Helene answered, invited me for an interview, and I got the job”, Riikka reminisces.

But it was not only the social media activity of Okimo Clinic that caught the attention of Riikka. Other strengths of the company made her realize that this is the place for her. “I wanted to work for a company that could develop and try new things. Okimo Clinic seemed young, agile and fresh, not hampered by size or old, bad habits”, she elaborates.

We show that we care

At Okimo Clinic, everyone is treated like an individual. Both strengths and weaknesses of team members are recognized, which is advantageous when working with clients. A project leader is chosen during the first internal meeting, but all team members discuss what they feel they are best at and how they can help. Okimonians can rely on colleagues with the most experience, but everyone is encouraged to develop new skills they could need in the future. This leads to a situation in which everyone is very dedicated and focused on the project and at the same time allows Okimo Clinic to very quickly answer and fulfil any client’s needs.

Riikka believes this sends out a very positive message to clients and makes the company even more unique. The team gets to work on engaging projects for the biggest international brands — something that may not be possible in other companies of the same size. Because of this approach, in Riikka’s opinion, Okimo Clinic occupies a unique place on Finland’s business map. This may be said about many companies, but as she puts it: “Okimo Clinic is a place where this is not an empty slogan. Our hidden skills are identified, developed and used in a good way. Everyone can evolve here.”.

Teamwork and support

Riikka is part of an agile visual team at Okimo Clinic. Her colleagues are responsible for the actual shooting of videos and preparing other core visual content. She supports them on the project management and planning side. In essence, her role is directly between the client and the Okimo Clinic team. She translates client needs into a plan, passing instructions to designers and making sure that everything is executed perfectly and goes according to the agreed upon schedule.

The skills Riikka brings to the table are crucial. It is often the case that a client has a clear vision of what should be achieved, but has problems in communicating the specific needs in a simple and precise way, while making certain that nothing is missing. This is where Okimo Clinic representatives are always prepared and willing to help. “During our client meetings, we like to draw. We make sketches, show practical examples of videos. Writing things down usually is not a good idea, because there are a lot of open questions. But showing a practical example usually does the trick, even if it is just a quick sketch”, explains Riikka.

Although some of the projects handled by Okimo Clinic’s visual team are very challenging, finishing them makes the team especially proud. Riikka recalls her first big video assignment. It not only had to be done on a very tight schedule, but also required the use and coordination of many different skills. “I was responsible for casting actors, arranging the shoots including locations, makeup artists and the like. I had to put it all together and coordinate communication between all parties involved. It was very exciting to see the whole project come together and to work with a team of talented people. We managed to finish the assignment on time, in just one month. And I am very proud of this — even more because the client was satisfied with our commitment and the outcome of our work”, says Riikka.

A very big small company

The above would probably not be possible if not for the way Okimo Clinic is constructed. Every employee is trusted fully to utilize their skills. They are also encouraged to openly share their opinion on matters big and small. This is what Riikka likes the most from working at Okimo Clinic: “I like how versatile this job is. I get to do different things, develop and learn every day. My skills are trusted. No one is questioning what I can do, and what I cannot do. I also know that I can always ask for help if needed. Even though I have picked up a lot of knowledge during my university years, I have learned the most from everyday work. The experience gained from actual work for clients in real situations is invaluable”, Riikka explains.

After spending several months at the company, Riikka has a clear view of Okimo, especially its pleasant and professional atmosphere. Riikka believes she knows where the company is heading and what Okimonians feel it can achieve. “I think Okimo is a very big small company. We are small in size and young, but also have a lot of big things coming. I see a great future and a lot of opportunities at our company. I am very proud of being part of this young professional group”, she concludes.

If you ever get the chance to meet one of us, ask how we feel about being a part of Okimo Clinic. We know that whichever Okimonian you speak to, you will get a very similar answer.