Back in February, Pinterest released three new tools: Lens, Instant Ideas and Shop the Look. These engaging features provide users with unique, fun and easy ways to search for products. With their launch, Pinterest has become an increasingly attractive destination for online shoppers.

But how do these tools help marketers reach their target audiences? And what exactly are these tools and what do they offer? Here’s a short rundown.

Lens — this smart feature lets users take photos of things that inspire them using their mobile device camera, and then search for similar items on Pinterest. It works for clothing, furniture, accessories and even food — when a user takes a picture of an ingredient, it shows interesting recipes that use it.

Instant Ideas — this tool has features that make it similar to Lens, but is presented directly through a pin. When users like a displayed item, they can tap a circle icon in the bottom right corner of the pin. This action makes Pinterest reorganize those users’ feeds, to show instant recommendations based on their interests.

Shop the Look — this fashion-focused feature allows users to buy items directly through the Pinterest platform. Notably, Pinterest shows not only the item (and styles) a user is interested in, but also other items people have purchased alongside that item, which creates a great opportunity for cross-selling.

Brands with well-prepared visual content should take note of these tools. Less than 6 months after their launch, these features are finally being offered to advertisers. The first Promoted Pins should be visible in Instant Ideas by the beginning of summer 2017. In the coming months, Lens and Shop the Look are planned to become available for marketing too. Brands will have a new way to reach their target audience with rich and well-presented content. And they should give this some thought, as Pinterest users make over 2 billion keyword searches and over 250 million visual searches each month. That’s a lot of opportunities for brands to attract new customers to their products. As Umesh Unnikrishnan from Pinterest puts it on the platform’s blog: “These new placement opportunities give businesses like yours added visibility, and visual discovery makes your Pins feel more relevant. And Pinners? They see exactly the products they’re looking for.

In related news, Pinterest has also announced, that its Promoted Video ads will now feature autoplay. This type of video content will begin playing when users scroll to it in their feeds. The feature, which has been in tests since November 2016, will also be extended to search results. Later this summer, it will be made available to advertisers in a handful of regions — the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. Jenny Chiu, a Pinterest representative, had the following to say about the new feature: “With our new autoplay format, your Promoted Video sparks into action the moment a Pinner scrolls across it in their feed—no need to hit play. They can just sit back and watch your video unfold. And unlike on other platforms, where ads interrupt people as they’re trying to enjoy posts from friends, on Pinterest, people are actually looking for videos that inspire them to give ideas a try.

While Pinterest may not have been the social media platform of choice for marketers so far, these new tools may provide more than enough incentive to attract an upsurge in interest. Preparing and posting attractive visual content may be the key to reaching a completely new audience. And as Pinterest puts it, brands have over 250 million chances to do this every single month.