OMG! Can you believe we’re already through the first half of 2017? For us so far, it’s been a jam-packed year filled with achievements to celebrate, and it seems that this month is no exception. June’s Goodies include fast cars, champagne and happy Okimonians. So before running off to holidays, check out what Okimo Clinic was up to this past month.


Wake up and smell the champagne

Summer is a high season for parties and get-togethers. It seems like we’ve had quite a lot to celebrate in June, including the birthdays of three different Okimonians and the first Okimo anniversary of two more Okimonians. We also had a summer party in our courtyard for all the neighboring offices, and we got together for our Okimo summer party. Work hard, party hard(er), right?

Okimo Clinic team


Okimo Clinic team


Okimo Clinic team



Happy office

We recently completed our annual employee satisfaction survey. Every year, the survey is sent to all of us at Okimo Clinic to find out how we like it here, what works and what could be improved. The internal feedback was once again pretty darn fantastic. Judge our satisfaction for yourself — according to the survey 100% of Okimonians agreed with each of these statements:

– I learn in my work
– I get acknowledgement of my work
– I am appreciated
– My work has value
– I get to work on interesting projects
– Okimonians are professional and knowledgeable
– I am proud of Okimo Clinic
– The workplace spirit at Okimo is good

These excellent scores shouldn’t be taken for granted. Remember that Okimo has gone through more than 100% growth in 2017! This means that the team pushed itself daily, underwent huge changes and still everyone thinks this a great place to work. This is remarkable! We aim to keep our spirits high for the rest of the year.


Salesman of the Month

You know when you’re renting a car, and you go online to select a nice model and you can already picture yourself driving through the countryside with your elbow outside the window and a big smile on your face? And you know how you then go to the car rental desk, and they hand you the keys to their oldest and smallest Ford Fiesta, and there’s nothing you can do about it because “this is the only one we have left”?

Well, this is exactly what did NOT happen last week when two Okimonians rented a car to get to a client meeting way out of town. A Sixt representative called us asking whether we would instead like to trade up to something a bit more comfortable, for the same price, as a new-client discount. And behold, below is the Mercedes-Benz convertible he rented to us. Thank you Salesman of the Month at Sixt! We aim to exceed the expectation of our own clients in just this kind of way each and every time they work with us.

Okimo Clinic blog



Social media update of the month

Instagram has introduced a new way to create content by adding replays to live-streams. Now, when your Instagram live-stream is over, you have the option to share your video for the next 24 hours or delete the stream entirely. If you do choose to keep your broadcast, it’ll be added to your Instagram Story.

The benefit of the update for brands is that it increases motivation to create Instagram live-stream content, as you’ll be able to add it to your Story and get more mileage out of your work.

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Pics or it didn’t happen!

There is no better time for an outdoor photoshoot than summertime! Below is a pic amidst a content creation project for a client’s social media. We have the greatest talents available in photography and styling as well as photo editing and copywriting. Drop us a line if your social media could use a boost, and we’ll concept something amazing for you.

Photoshoot Okimo Clinic



Video of the month
Harry “Hjallis” Harkimo, our Chairman of the Board, sent us his warm greetings after a recent board meeting. He was extremely happy with our results and the work we’ve been putting in. Thanks for your kind words, Hjallis!



Song of the month
As always, we selected a tune that represents Okimo Clinic in some way. These lyrics quite perfectly depict our Okimo spirit. This one’s also dedicated to Helsinki Pride which took place last week.

Don’t stop me now, don’t stop me!
‘Cause I’m having a good time, having a good time!
I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go go go
There’s no stopping me