OMG! The Finnish summer is (or at least was) here! The sun makes us Okimonians buzz even more than usual, and boy, have we been up to a lot this month! Let’s recap the best “Oh-My-Goodness” moments from May.


Newbies of the month

Not a month goes by without bright new talents joining Okimo Clinic. May brought along not one, but two new faces!

Krzysztof Pielesiek strengthens our Warsaw office with his comprehensive background in tech, journalism and copywriting. When he visited our Helsinki office in May it was evident we Finns were unable to both pronounce and spell his Polish name, so he now goes by the name Chris. Thank you for your understanding, Chris! 😉

We’re also excited to have Reetta Sipura join us from the agency world. She masters SEO and will be working broadly on our digital and visual communications projects. As you can see below, she’s also a twirling master!

Welcome to the team, Chris and Reetta!

Chris Reetta Okimo Clinic


A bit of research

Is your business sponsoring content on social media? If not, here’s one reason why you probably should start. According to a recent study, 1 in 3 Internet users has made a purchase based on sponsored content. So hop on board the content marketing train!


Infographic social media sponsoring

Most people don’t care if the content they see on social media is sponsored — as long as it’s useful to them and high quality. This means your content needs to be well targeted, too, which is one of our mantras here at Okimo Clinic. People want content that helps them make informed decisions, and that’s also why people search for product information and follow influencers.

Here’s the key take-away for your business: By focusing on providing genuinely useful content rather than overtly promotional or generic material, you can implement sponsored content programs that not only inform and delight people, but also break through the digital noise and reach your target audiences.


Pics or it didn’t happen!

Okimo Clinic’s repertoire of services includes more and more video production these days. Video is often considered the most influential means of communications, so it’s no surprise our clients are showing more interest in making videos. And we’re more than happy to deliver! Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic on the set of one video production in May.

Okimo Clinic video production


Emoji of the month

Okimonians are keeping busy, which is nothing out of the ordinary, just business as usual, and we thrive in this environment. Some weeks are, however, busier or somehow trickier than others. Sometimes these harder-than-usual weeks coincide so that everyone at the office seems to be swamped at the same time. As Murphy’s law would suggest, these weeks also include someone falling ill, someone’s computer crashing, someone’s car breaking down and even someone running out of episodes of their favorite Netflix series (!). We like to mark these Hard Weeks (Raskas Viikko in Finnish) with their own dedicated emoji on our internal Slack. Hard Week is a rooster that is in pretty bad shape, as you can see.Hard Week Okimo Clinic rooster

So if you ever encounter an Okimonian that resembles this rooster, chances are they are just having a bit of a Hard Week. But they’ll be in their prime shape again in no time at all, roostering around happily.


Song of the month

Two Okimonians have been obsessed with this guy and have gone on and on about how amazing his music is, so we thought we should share it with our readers, too.