Strategy slides are just slides, and ideas are just ideas. The key is to translate those slides and ideas into action. A recent interview with Sanna Määttänen, Head of Analytics and Partner at Okimo Clinic, led to a discussion about the quantitative data behind successful content strategies, the changes happening in the social media industry and her personal experiences in tackling these issues.

Experience and business intuition are priceless, but when combined with hard quantitative data, they are even more valuable. Almost every business has changed over time — even the new business frontier of social media has evolved rapidly. Nowadays, the practice of analytics is not only intended to support decision-making but to actually be the decision maker.

Using data to stay relevant

Sanna Määttänen is certain that analytics are extremely important for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, once you understand your audience behaviour you can optimize your content to achieve the desired results. This is the guiding principle that Sanna relies on every day to lead Okimo Clinic’s analytics unit.

“Gathering data and reporting should always lead to insight creation and help in planning content that is relevant and interesting to your target audiences”, Sanna explains.

The correct interpretations of measurement reports clarify how to utilize the results in content planning and creation. Sometimes analytic outcomes even dictate the right path for the next move, as well as the right partners and the right information.

An exciting decade in social media

Sanna started working with social media analytics 10 years ago. “When I started, social media analysis was mainly reporting what people were saying about brands and companies on discussion forums”, Sanna recalls. “Basically, everything has changed since then. Now the focus has shifted to supporting strategy development, content creation and distribution with insights”.

Over the last three and a half years, Sanna has been developing the insight and distribution services for Okimo Clinic. “Social media is constantly evolving — the channels, metrics, technological solutions and so on, and our insight services must reflect that evolution. Our focus has also changed over time, as shown by our transformation from a social media agency to a broad digital communications agency. It has been extremely exciting to be a part of this development and see the true links between insight, strategy and execution”, Sanna reflects.

Becoming a partner wasn’t something that Sanna was planning, but she admits it was an exciting opportunity. Sanna has been deeply engaged in and thrilled about developing Okimo Clinic nearly from the start. “When I started working at Okimo Clinic, there were only three of us — and now we are 15”, Sanna says. “Okimo Clinic really enables people to find their full potential and hidden talents.” All people are different, but they are driven by the same goals and motivations. With a shared vision, an empowering organization can reach for even bolder achievements.