A successful, modern company thrives through the talent of its employees. The goal must be to inspire them to become their best and discover new abilities that they might not even have recognized within themselves. Helene Auramo, the founder and CEO of Okimo Clinic, shares her thoughts on empowering organizations and how Okimo Clinic has fortified its mission and vision by staying true to its values.

While there are many approaches to running a company, management at Okimo Clinic has had excellent results by striving to be an empowering organization. But what is an empowering organization, really?

“Our culture at Okimo Clinic is based on the idea of an organization that empowers its employees and is full of possibilities. We have always recruited smart and ambitious people who are interested in digital communications, whether written, visual or audio. That is the foundation of Okimo. When everyone shares the same vision, I can give people freedom and trust”, explains Helene Auramo, Okimo Clinic founder and CEO. Simply put, because empowering organizations are built on freedom and trust, they can accomplish much more.

Stop micromanaging

It is important that the individuals working within a company share the same core values. This means that people can be different, but that they are driven by the same goals and motivations. With a shared vision, a company can reach for bigger achievements.

“Our vision is to be the industry-leading digital communications agency by constantly evolving and identifying new solutions and business opportunities. These objectives can be achieved by preserving our core values. For us, these are ambition, proactivity, curiosity and trustworthiness”, Helene says.

Everyone in the company should be involved in different projects and in decision-making — whether they are trainees or senior management. Opinions and ideas from different minds can enrich organizations in many effective ways.

“Every Okimonian has a lot of freedom in terms of workload and project variety. Employee empowerment is the key driver of Okimo Clinic’s overall development and success”, Helene notes.

Complementary skills

When there is freedom, integrity and trust become essential, too. Employees should feel comfortable to share their weaknesses as well as their strengths with the team. In a sufficiently diverse team, there is always someone who can assist you with whatever problem you might have encountered. Every team member has key complementary talents, and by combining these skills, a strong and creative atmosphere can be created and maintained.

“You do not need to be skilled in everything, but together we can be the best”, says Helene.

Sami Stormbom, Okimo Clinic Senior Consultant and the Head of PR agrees with Helene: “At Okimo, you can really boost your personal growth and make your own path. We are all full of ideas and innovation, and best of all, your voice is actually heard here. If you face a challenge, you are not alone.“

Making clients the superstars of their own businesses

The relaxed hierarchy and inspiring spirit of Okimo enables the responsive agency to seize to new opportunities promptly. Helene actively communicates with other Okimonians to determine the kinds of projects and clients they would like to get involved with — and she makes it happen. This creates huge development possibilities for both clients and Okimo Clinic.

Okimo Clinic has cultivated a long-term focus on developing digital communications possibilities further. “You should always have an eye on the future and be putting your best foot forward to provide clients with a variety of viable solutions”, Helene continues. “At Okimo, constant learning and a creative attitude push us towards unique and successful client projects and outcomes. And this is exactly what our clients expect from us.”

Sami nods and concludes, “We learn every day — from each other, our clients and our partners. And this is what makes us innovative and professional. We want to deliver the best possible results for our clients and participate in building their own success stories. By being an empowering organization, we are better able to make our clients the superstars of their own businesses.”