OMG! Our blog series introduces you to a monthly dose of Oh-My-Goodness, as we let you in on the most exciting (or just plain weirdest) things happening in social media, digital communications and at our Okimo office. Here are a few of our favorite moments from March.


Social media update of the month

Google‘s startup incubator, Area 120, has launched a new app called Uptime for iOS. The application allows users to share and watch YouTube videos with others in real-time. Users can search for YouTube videos to share with the community or watch videos that have already been shared. You can also follow others within the app and keep track of the videos they share. While watching a video, users can share comments, like videos and share emoji reactions.


Pic or it didn’t happen!

Okimo Clinic OMG

We have a new-ish tradition called “case lunch” every Friday, where we eat lunch at the office and discuss different work cases. It’s a great way for everyone to learn and also to have a moment together with the whole Okimo team before the weekend! Last Friday we also had some champagne during case lunch since we were celebrating a new client!


A GIF that keeps on giving

A great way to start the spring is to have a nice snow storm on the last day of March. Meanwhile, in Finland…


The BEST day(s) of the month

March was a very special month for two equally awesome reasons:

1. March 8th was International Women’s Day, when the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

International Women's Day 2017 Okimo Clinic

Women of Marketing Clinic Partners celebrating at the office

2. March 23rd was International Puppy Day, when the world celebrates the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives and the right to spend all day looking at ridiculous amounts of puppy photos.

Wow, what a treat March was – particularly if you experienced it as a female dog-person! The Okimo team also includes some male people and some cat-people. What can we say? It wasn’t your month.


Newbies of the month

March was also a top-notch month because the Okimo team grew yet again by two! Riikka Lavaste joined us as Junior Digital Creative Specialist and Riikka Hirviniemi as Digital Communications Trainee. We already had the team K1K2 with our two Kalles around and now we also have two Riikkas – R1R2!

Okimo Clinic Riikka and Riikka

R1, Riikka Lavaste (right) and R2, Riikka Hirviniemi


I once saw this cool thing on the Internet

Nayan Cat Okimo Clinic

Remember this old Interwebs classic? We didn’t. Thanks to one cat-loving Okimonian, we have the ever-nyaning Cat stuck in our brains once again… You’re welcome.