Okimo Clinic’s Senior Consultant and Head of PR Sami Stormbom has just finished one client meeting and is already heading to the next. Sami seems to be always on the move but we managed to get a moment from him to talk about rocket ships and the changing world of PR.

Sami celebrated his first year at Okimo Clinic a few weeks ago. “When I arrived at Okimo Clinic around a year ago we were just five people. It was a big difference compared to the companies I had worked for in the past”, recalls Sami.

So why did he decide to steer his career path from a big communication corporation to a small company? Sami answers: “Okimo gave me the possibility to spread my wings even further. I received an opportunity to learn more and dig deep into insight-driven social media and digital communications planning and execution. Okimo is the best in these areas.”

To Sami, Okimo Clinic seemed like a train running on a track towards success, and it just felt like the right time to come aboard. Since then, he’s undertaken dozens of projects, ensuring the success of his clients through various communication and marketing initiatives, including strategy and M&A communications, PR and media relations, digital content strategy, thought leadership programs and trainings to name a few. “And it has definitely felt like a train. Or actually, more like a rocket ship”, he quips.

Not just press releases

“Overall, I aim to not just emphasize ‘PR’ but communications broadly — PR is only one part of what I do”, Sami protests. “That’s another good thing about working at Okimo Clinic — we can help our clients with a diverse communication and marketing toolkit.”

“In its core, PR is about effective and creative ways to help our clients stay relevant in their businesses.” In today’s ultra-competitive PR world, you need to find ways to stand out. To stay current in the PR industry, Sami recommends reading the news on a daily basis — to absorb new trends and events from our society, politics and different industries and businesses, and to know what is happening in the media landscape. You need to be constantly hungry – hungry for information, hungry for communication, hungry for development.”

Currently, Sami advises global companies operating in Finland, listed Finnish companies and start-ups in how to develop their business and brand through communications and marketing. “Powerful stories, engaging content and transparent interactions are in the DNA of every successful organization. We are just helping them to uncover it.”

Can this feeling last?

Sami says an adventurous spirit is part of the Okimo Clinic soul. “Be proactive and ask questions. But always come up with solutions and approaches on your own. Even if they don’t work out perfectly in the end, at least you learn a lot.”

Despite having moved from a big company to a much smaller one, Sami is not certain he will always work in a small startup. “Maybe it is my destiny to work in a bigger company again in the future – meaning that maybe our little Okimo Clinic will become one soon”, says Sami with a smirk. “You never know how far a strong team can take you.”