OMG! Here are a few of our favorite moments from the past month.

Our new blog series introduces you to a monthly dose of Oh-My-Goodness, as we let you in on the most exciting (or just plain weirdest) things happening in social media, digital communications and at our Okimo office.

So here it is: Okimo’s Monthly Goodies  – February edition


SoMe update of the month

Pinterest announced they are introducing a new visual discovery tool, Lens.

Lens tries to understand the objects you’re looking at and how they could be useful to you. For example, if you see strawberries on sale at the grocery store, just point Lens at them, take a picture and get creative recipe ideas, recommendations for similar objects or “ways to bring the idea to life” – not just images of strawberries!

We see great potential in this new feature. We also tweeted about it!


Pic or it didn’t happen!

Our video team Kalle&Kalle spent a week in Latvia and Estonia shooting a video for one of our clients.

Okimo Clinic Video Team Kalle

This is Kalle, photographed by Kalle, while filming.


High 5 of the month 

Okimo Clinic was recognized in a LinkedIn thread about our well-managed recruiting process – not once but twice!

These praises mean a lot to us as we’ve worked hard to make sure our recruiting practices are as considerate as possible. So dear Mr. or Mrs. Potential applicant, fear not to apply!


A GIF that keeps on giving

In case anyone was wondering what Okimonians look like while working:

Okimo Clinic Okimonians working


Cut me some Slack!

We have the best channel in our internal messaging tool, Slack. Seriously. Nobody has a better channel. It’s tremendous, let me tell you. Anyway, the channel is called #kiitos (#thankyou) and it’s a beautiful place where High Fives and Thank Yous are given out generously whenever someone in the team has done a good job. The channel gets extra busy on Fridays: “It’s #ThankYouFriday again! Go ahead and compliment your colleague! :)” What follows is a flood of gratitude, compliments and all kinds of goodness.

Okimo Clinic warmly recommends all organizations to embrace #kiitos in their internal communications.


Newbies of the month

This month, two new Okimonians joined the team. We’re super excited that Okimo Clinic keeps on growing!

Marisa Kursula and Marikki Kippo

Marisa Kursula (left) joined us as Digital Communications Trainee and Marikki Kippo is our new Digital Communications & Insight Specialist.


Live and learn 

This month we learned that if the CEO hires more people than there are chairs at the office, then it’s the CEO who gives up her chair to the new guy. Don’t worry, she eventually found a new chair for herself.


If Okimo Clinic was a song…

Many of us listen to music when we really need to focus on something. Okimonians as a species are known to be hyper focused by nature, but sometimes even we need some sweet tunes. This month we recommend this funky legend of a song:


Stay tuned for new OMGs every month!