Okimo Clinic has undergone quite a transformation. As the company has evolved from a social media consultancy to a full digital communications agency, many interesting changes have occurred — lots of new clients and new team members, from senior management to trainees. At Okimo Clinic, you can feel an atmosphere filled with creative energy, and this excitement is still in its earliest phases. Junior communications consultant Emmi Leinonen and Okimo Clinic’s CEO Helene Auramo recently came together to explain what makes Okimo Clinic such an open, satisfying and fun place to work.

Emmi Leinonen was a trailblazer in Okimo’s first trainee cohort along with Kalle Liikala. At the end of her 6-month Digital Communications Trainee term, Emmi received an offer to stay with the company in a new junior position — with more ambitious projects. “That is of course the goal. After the trainee period, we want people to be ready to stay and keep contributing to what we do”, says Helene Auramo, the CEO of Okimo Clinic.

Today, Emmi’s work consist of solving client challenges and taking part in sales. “My work includes content creation, such as writing blogs, articles, and social media posts, as well as social media advertising in various channels. I’ve also taken on measurement and analysis”, notes Emmi.

Emmi is the youngest member of the Okimo Clinic communications team. Being an ambitious person, she has taken all this on at the age of 23. “I was just finishing my bachelor’s degree in Aalto University and was still in Singapore doing my exchange studies when I applied to Okimo Clinic. I do know that I’m the youngest, but it doesn’t hold me back in my work here.”

“I immediately thought that Emmi was perfect for Okimo Clinic. She shared our values and was interested in the things we do – digital communications. It was clear for me that she could work with us for a long time”, recalls Helene about their first meeting.

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What makes Okimonians special?

Every team member constantly takes part in developing Okimo Clinic. “I’m super happy if people have ideas. And of course all Okimonians have ideas. We hire them because they are ambitious, curious and smart. Even trainees can push our company forward”, Helene says proudly.

This isn’t just an empty claim – in an internal study conducted in 2016, all Okimonians said they feel they can take part in developing the company, contributing to a 5/5 rating.

But how can you build a company where everyone is involved in its development? Emmi has perhaps the best answer: “In a way, we are very different people, but we share the same values and even the same sense of humor. In this kind of atmosphere, people work as a team, and they trust each other. Everyone feels free to express themselves.”

“I have tried to build a company where people have a lot of possibilities and where they feel like part of a team. When we succeed, we celebrate. For example, this year the whole team travelled to London after we achieved our goals. But we have many other ways, formal and informal, to spend time together: Friday beers, lunches and common celebrations”, describes Helene. And Emmi adds with a grin, “The Okimo Team even designed me a special coffee cup as my graduation gift.”

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Working and growing together

But Okimo is not just about lighthearted fun. Okimonians are ambitious.

“We are hardworking and independent, but we still know how to relax and recognize our accomplishments”, Emmi boasts.

Okimonians are curious, too. It’s not a coincidence the company is named “Okimo Clinic”. Like in a traditional clinic filled with test tubes and scientific experiments, the whole team at Okimo loves to try new stuff and new techniques, and get new experiences.

“Everyone is always learning, improving and educating themselves. It’s an inseparable part of us and that ‘little thing’ that makes us a real team”, Helene explains. Apparently, it is a great recipe for a top-notch digital communications team.

Emmi is sure that success here is not about what you already know and what experiences you have had — it’s about continuing to learn and grow. As Emmi puts it herself: “You don’t need to be a genius and know everything at the beginning. You just need to be willing to develop yourself.”

“This is an adventure for me”, Helene admits. “We are mastering new subjects every day, and we are never done. That would be quite boring. My job is to help people to grow and make them the best in the world in digital communications.”

If you want to work with us…

For newcomers, Emmi has one piece of advice: “If I had to give one tip to a person applying Okimo Clinic, I recommend simply being yourself. And you’ll be surprised how effective it can be”. There’s no reason to pretend about anything at Okimo Clinic. So far, it’s been an environment that brings out the best in everyone.

Emmi is sure about at least one thing: “If I had the chance to start my career over again, I would definitely apply to Okimo again.” Helene smiles when she hears this. “And I would also hire you again.”