What are the advantages of being active on social media as a corporate communications leader, and how to utilise social media effectively?

In the latest episode of our Social By Nature series, Atte Palomäki EVP, Communications and Branding at Wärtsilä tells how he utilises social media for both his own and Wärtsilä’s benefit. Watch the episode below (in Finnish):

Atte, named as best Communications Director in Finland by Finnish journalists, starts and ends his day on Twitter. He uses the social media channel to follows both a large amount of Finnish and international journalists as well as experts and influencers and in his field. His biggest motivation is to strengthen relations to journalists, as well as learning how to tailor and target Wärtsilä’s messages to reach their relevant audiences.

Social By Nature is an ongoing video series by Okimo Clinic where we hear how Finnish executives use social media. In the first episode the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure, Mikko Hyppönen, who is the top Finnish ICT influencer in social media, shared his tips on how to influence on social media. Upcoming episodes feature Timo Ritakallio, CEO of Ilmarinen and many more! Stay tuned for more episodes at Okimo Clinic’s YouTube Channel.