“The only way is forward” and to a higher level if possible! Last week we moved our office to a higher floor and larger space in the same building. We needed a bigger office, since the whole Marketing Clinic Partners family decided to move into the same premises. Our family consists of Marketing Clinic, P+SBD and us, Okimo Clinic.

Seeing the change in small things
The move was fairly simple from my point of view. As I’ve always been interested in design and architecture, the “younger me” would have been very interested in taking part in every meeting about the new premises. However, due to my focus on client work, sales and management, I needed to step out and let some other people take care of these matters. It was fairly easy because of my excellent team members Sanna & Kalle, who kept me informed of the progress, and a big thanks also goes to Kirsti Toivonen (with Marketing Clinic) and P+SBD. From my perspective, the whole move was basically accepting some decisions (such as the budget) and then in the last day on Friday putting my stuff into boxes. On Monday, all my things were in the right place. It was really the easiest moving experience of my life. With one of my previous companies we did everything ourselves. We painted the walls and carried all the boxes. So much has changed, and you can see the progress in these details.


New premises? Excitement and happiness!
We are very excited because the new office has much more space, several meeting rooms (bigger and smaller ones), but also it helps us to work together more efficiently when all the family companies are located together. It makes it easier for us to share information between the companies. We are also constantly reminded of all the skills and great minds we have here: people who work on strategies, marketing automation, programmatic buying, social media, content strategies, videos, design, coding and the list goes on. We have worked together in several client projects in the past, but now that we work in the same office we can meet more often, and I believe we can have more impact.


Moving several companies together is also a cultural change. All the companies have their own culture and values. After the first week, I can say that this move has gone very smoothly. The atmosphere is great, we have a weekly Monday breakfast together, and we have already had an internal moving in party.

At our weekly meetings we list the top 3 things that happened during the previous week, and everyone placed the move in their personal lists. 🙂 This clearly demonstrates the meaning of the move to the whole Okimo Clinic team.

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– Helene


P.S. I started this blog post with the quote “The only way is forward”. This was from a Neste campaign launched a few years back with my idol Buzz Aldrin. When he came to Finland, I had the chance to meet him at the launch event because I was there in the panel. I also had the chance to meet entrepreneur Hjallis Harkimo for the first time. Shortly thereafter, Hjallis introduced me to Catharina Stackelberg, the CEO of Marketing Clinic Partners, and we decided to start Okimo Clinic together. This is how Okimo Clinic was born and why the campaign slogan is very important to me. And every time Hjallis calls me, I don’t see his photo—I see the cover of Buzz Aldrin’s book, which reminds me of this event. 🙂