Hello, world. My name is Kalle. I’m a cinematographer, and I’ve now been a DOP & Producer with Okimo Clinic for 3 months. Previously, I worked as a freelancer for Okimo Clinic, so I actually have a bit more experience working with everyone here. My professional history consists of a pretty colorful range of experiences, from being an administrative bouncer to a freelance photographer and videographer. I have a bachelor’s degree in administrative sciences with a major in criminal law, and I have also studied forensic psychology and political science.

I have always fancied visual arts, and that is probably the reason I’m so enthusiastic about working on video production. This field is so broad that it has allowed me to produce everything from music videos to documentaries and B2C ads. Starting work with Okimo Clinic has been a dream coming true. As a freelancer, I had far less artistic freedom in my videos. The challenges in B2B videos are especially fascinating as these projects require looking at the whole script writing process from a different perspective.

The first months have been busy to say the least. The whole Okimo team has welcomed me warmly, and the clients are really enthusiastic about our services. Our excellent team is formed of experts in each specialty necessary to meet our clients’ needs. The management is not afraid of taking up new challenges, which provides for some awesome outcomes. We’ve been building the video production line really efficiently, and I’m sure that we are creating something great together.


So what does being an “Okimonian” mean to me? I consider Okimo Clinic to be a company of entrepreneurs. I visualise it as a perfect puzzle. Everyone is responsible for their own work and results, but we’re also one big family. We’re each very independent, but we rely on everyone else to also have our backs. This is the kind of support I appreciate the most. Everyone trusts in each other, and no-one has to work in isolation.

I’ve learned a lot in the past months. The preparation for everything in Okimo Clinic is top notch, and this makes our meetings remarkably efficient, for example. The risk assessments and realistic promises are appreciated by our clients, which makes work really straightforward. The work is continuous, allowing us to get inside the brands and offer clients the best solutions possible. I’m really glad to be a member of the team.