What is the importance of brand, customer and market insights in your digital communications strategy? In a series of two blog posts, I unveil the role of insight in two effective and goal-oriented digital communications activities.

In my experience, the most effective communication activities are based on a deep understanding of the benefits that differentiate your organisation or brand from your competitors. A digital communications strategy driven by insight can mean the difference between success and failure.

In last week’s post I shared my experiences on how thought leadership and ambassador programs driven by insight. This week I will share my experiences on insight-driven content strategies.

Using insight and strategy to develop content

Building an effective and targeted content strategy is another example in which both strategic understanding and insight creation play important roles.

Industry influencers, thought leaders and content curators are active on social and digital media, and they are constantly shaping the views, expectations and decisions of your audiences. To create content that accomplishes strategic goals but also has value to the target audience, the roles of different digital channels and the types of content that generate interest in them should always first be thoroughly analysed.

In one of our recent strategy projects, our customer witnessed rapid organic growth within a month after implementing key tactics based on insight findings. The success rate improved measured by all relevant content metrics. For example, the post engagements increased by over 60% on Facebook after content was developed to better meet the interests of the target audience. Furthermore, this considerable improvement was achieved with fewer resources and clarified processes.

In order to crystallise relevant content themes and communication messages for your audiences, it is crucial to recognise how your organisation or brand is currently positioned and what your communications strengths are. An effective content strategy also emphasises the need for target audience understanding.