We have just released a report on the presence of 60 Finnish periodical magazines across a variety of social media channels. Last week, we shared some key findings regarding the platforms that are most utilized by magazines, and this week we’ll delve deeper into the types of social media content that drove the most engagement in April 2015.

Across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we found that different types of content best drove engagement with Finnish magazines. The most effective varieties of content ranged from informative editorial posts to emotional stories and participatory content such as competitions and tests.

On Facebook, magazines were best able to engage their audiences with informative content such as news and articles. Competitions and participatory content drove engagement on Facebook as well. Individual competitions, such as Yhteishyvä’s competition with a grand prize of a €2000 holiday gift certificate, engaged thousands of Facebook users as indicated by the number of Likes.

Top content for Finnish magazines on Twitter was more focused on informative stories and promotional tweets. News and announcements, such as Talouselämä’s tweet about a new Metsä Group factory, engaged the Twitter audience to spread this content via dozens of retweets. However, promotional content, such as Demi’s  tweet about a fresh new issue, was considered engaging as well. At present, very few Finnish magazines include images in their tweets, and hence we see considerable potential growth for Twitter as a visual communication channel.

In contrast, emotional photos drove the most likes and comments for Finnish magazines on Instagram. Visual content appealing to emotions, such as Kauneus & Terveys’ photo from Helsinki or Olivia’s behind-the-scenes shot of a dog, invite the channels’ Instagram followers to engage with them. Promotional posts announcing new issues and highlighting events and partners drove Instagram engagement as well.

Overall, Finnish magazines achieve the most engagement social media with informative stories and announcements, promotional posts and content appealing to emotions—though the platform impacts the effectiveness of each type of social media content. We at Okimo Clinic see that there is a lot of potential for Finnish magazines to embrace visual storytelling especially on Twitter, and we hope to see many more pictures being tweeted throughout the summer!