We at Okimo Clinic just released a report on the presence of 60 Finnish periodical magazines on social media channels in April 2015. Key findings show that Facebook offers the biggest potential audience for magazines – yet Twitter is used most actively for marketing magazine content.

Our fresh report shows that Facebook is not only the most frequently used social media channel, but also the one the magazines themselves focus on the most. All studied accounts posted content on Facebook in April 2015.

Finnish magazines reach their largest audiences on Facebook, yet they rely on Twitter heaviest for content distribution. Out of Finnish magazines Image, Markkinointi&Mainonta, Talouselämä, Seiska and Suomen Kuvalehti are the most active tweeters. Magazines are also relatively active bloggers (73% having a blog), but nearly a quarter of them kept silent throughout the month of study.

With almost 150 000 likes, Aku Ankka reigns with the biggest Facebook community, whereas Suomen Kuvalehti has the most Twitter followers (over 64 000). Demi dominates on Instagram with the biggest community consisting of over 12 500 Followers.

You can find our Slideshare presentation below (in Finnish).

Aikakauslehdet sosiaalisessa mediassa 2015 from Okimo Clinic

If you felt as excited about these results as we did, stay tuned for more! Further results will be out next week – with a deeper dive into what kind of content drives the most engagement.