Last week, I spoke at the largest ICT event (ICT2015) in Finland. My presentation focused on B2B, social media and ambassadors. The whole presentation is available online (in Finnish here, on our SlideShare account). I was both extremely lucky and honoured to share the views with Kia Haring (CMO of Tieto Corporation), who shared Tieto’s story, in which we have been involved. Her portion of the presentation is available below.

We have been very busy with Thought Leadership and ambassador programs lately. After two years of experience, we are now proud to share what we have learned. Below I present a list of content that I’m planning to blog about this year. (Please let me know your comments and thoughts on this list of topics.)

Why Thought Leadership?

  • The economy of trust & the era of ambassadors
  • Journalists and thought leaders
  • The best thought leaders: Employees vs. Companies
  • The benefits of thought leadership and ambassador programs for business professionals

Planning Thought Leadership

  • How do you select company spokespersons?
  • How do you engage company ambassadors?
  • How to avoid employee trolling: common challenges
  • Ambassadors—the channel perspective
  • Thought leaders: How much content should you produce?
  • How do you become a thought leader?

Executing Thought Leadership

  • Employee advocacy software
  • How do you measure advocacy?
  • Common challenges in B2B content creation
  • Case studies and examples

thought leadership

If you are eager to learn more about Thought Leadership (and would prefer not to wait for these blog posts), please don’t hesitate to contact us.