How can marketing automation benefit from social media? Our marketing automation colleagues at Scandinavian Business Design hosted an insightful SBD Marketing Automation Unplugged event yesterday and our CEO Helene Auramo was there to discuss the vision where social media and marketing automation meet.

Companies such as Sanoma, Salesforce, Oracle, SAS and IBM shared their take on marketing automation and the ever-changing marketing. As Catharina Stackelberg from Marketing Clinic pointed out, even though the marketing landscape is constantly evolving, some things never change: customer insights are still crucial for decision-making and the customer experience has to be excellent in order succeed.

Catharina shared an example from the early days of Coca Cola. The employees collected data by actually going to people’s homes to see what they do in their day-to-day lives. It seemed awkward to actually sit in someone else’s home. These days you don’t have to go to observe your customers in their homes. You can just look at all the data traces they leave behind.

However, as Sampsa Lindroos from Fluido mentioned at the event, data that is not actionable is just numbers.

We at Okimo Clinic encourage you to look beyond Facebook likes and Twitter followers and start digging deeper into customer, market and brand insights. What are people relevant to your business saying about you? How do they behave and what actions do they take? How can social media help you fine-tune your engagement across all touch-points? How can you link your social media presences into your marketing automation processes to create a solid customer experience?

You can find Helene’s presentation on the topic below.

How marketing automation can benefit from social media from Okimo Clinic