The year 2014 was another great year for social media, so we’ve blogged about few of the key developments, including the importance of data. Read the blog post here. This year, we’ll continue to see social media measurements developing even further and insights being linked to marketing automation, for exampleWe’ll also see companies realising the power that lies within their own employees as ambassadors in social media.

Content across owned, earned and paid media

Organisations are facing an increasing demand for content that works between owned, earned, and paid social media. This is partly due to the reduced importance of organic reach in social media services.

As a result, analytics and measurements also need to address these different areas of publicity. We at Okimo Clinic have responded to this with our Okimo Impact measurement framework where influence is analyzed from multiple perspectives. To find out more about Okimo Impact, tweet us at @OkimoClinic or drop us an email.

Year of the employee ambassador programs 

We’re looking forward to helping companies make the most out of their key asset: their employees. Employee ambassador programs have existed in various forms for years, but we believe that year 2015 will be the year when such programs will become the standard.

Often, organisations are afraid that ambassador programs will overload their employees and won’t end successfully. This is why it’s crucial to build a program that taps into the company’s culture and capitalises on employees’ everyday activities and processes. A smoothly-running ambassador program can deliver value through building thought leadership and credible communications, but it can also have surprising internal effects. A company culture that advocates transparency and employee empowerment is a valuable asset when recruiting.

Some organisations might want to focus on bringing only a core group of ambassadors along, harness their existing networks, and have the ambassadors develop these further. However, it’s not smart to put all your eggs in one basket. Rather, it’s important to make sure that the program is scalable and not dependant on a small group of ambassadors only.

Employee ambassador programs embody the spirit of the company culture and we’ll likely see some inspiring examples and case studies of various types of programs this year.